About the Men and Technology Fighting for your Health

Dr Steven Davis, D.C., CTN

Dr. Davis, D.C., CTN and Yury Kronn, Ph.D are a team who has innovated utilizing energy medicine for health and healing. For the first time in history, quantum physics, detoxification, radiation protection and nutrition are combined to form the first energy medicine supplement, called Mineral Force and Mag Force.

Dr. Davis observed the need for products like these when working with his patients over the past 30 years. Upon testing for toxins, Dr. Davis finds up to 300 different chemicals affecting his patients dealing with a chronic illness. Any of these can cause disease if not treated and removed. Since a cellular level detox product had not been invented yet, Dr. Davis went about creating a safe, gentle avenue for toxins to escape with the help of physicist, Yury Kronn. The first two core products, Mineral Force and Mag Force, were developed and made available to the world. Since the introduction of Mineral and Mag Force,15 years ago, an entire line of Energy Medicine products has been developed. These range from energy medicine for general infections and virus invasions, to highly specific tinctures targeting common ailments. These are all available from NUTRILINK.

Yury Kronn Ph. D

Dr. Davis also noted the need for radiation protection to accelerate healing by relieving the heavy burden of 11 forms of EMF radiation sources (electromagnetic frequencies). The most recent release in his product line are the radiation shields. These are created to place on your technology devices or your body as protection from these harmful energies. Visit NUTRILINK website and discover your pro-active solutions.

Radiation Protection Package

Mineral Force and Mag Force are the first energy medicine products available in history that correct low energy cells through detoxification, subtle energy, nutrition and radiation protection. Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., CTN with the help of physicist Yury Kronn, Ph. D. and Dandy Day Aloe, developed this radiation protection package. This one powerful set of five radiation protection and restoration products will protect you from EMF radiation as well as restore damaged cells and corrupted energy pathways. 1) Mineral Force 2) Mag Force 3) Restore 4) FlaG 5) Aloe Spring

A Complete Line of Energy Medicine Products for Cell Restoration

The complete line of NUTRILINK products include energy medicine for cellular detoxification of low level poisons collected in the body. Chronic low level exposure of heavy metals, radiation, and chemicals over time has built up a toxic burden that cripples the immune system and allows disease to develop. NUTRILINK is the solution to restore the body to a high energy state by detoxification at the cellular level, nutrition, and radiation protection. By restoring cells to a natural high energy state and clearing blocked energy pathways, the immune system functions as intended building a wall preventing disease to develop.