Solutions for a Poisoned Environment & its People
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Air - Food - Water Contamination

Herbicides, pesticides, toxic chemicals, heavy metals are prevalent to the environment to such a great degree that everyone is contaminated today. Depending on our diets natural and organic choices, we all have from 100 to 400 different toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our bodies. Geographical areas of higher contamination levels may have numbers exceeding the above estimates.

Toxic Environment a 100 Year Review

It is not a genetic problem causing our health issues today, it is our toxic environment. Cancer at the beginning at the 1900;s was 1 in 3000, by the 1950;s the added low nutrition food to our diet (canned and bottled food) , combined with Polio immunizations, caused another dramatic rise in cancer rates. By the 1970;s DDT, fungus, yeasts, molds, caused another sharp rise. By the 1990;s glyphosate (weed killer used in farming and also as a post farming drying agent) usage became common farming practice straining our bodies and the environment. Today it will now take 17 years to clear a field of glyphosate.

Chem Trails

The official government response, though not publicized, is to combat global warming by introducing reflective elements in the atmosphere to reflect heat away from the earth.

By examining the composition of the chem trail, maybe we can better understand the purpose. Five basic ( nano sized*) chemicals are used:

  • Powdered Aluminum
  • Barium Salts (when mixed with the atmosphere becomes berium oxide)
  • Polymer Fibers
  • Strontium
  • Cadmium
There are more, but these are the basic ingredients which are all poisonous to life. See the GeoEngineering Watch website for more evidence.

*Nano are small particles, microscopic heavy metals which cannot be filtered. Symptoms of chem trails include; severe drought, trees dieing from the top down, wild fires due to dryness, reduction of ozone layer, 200 species per day extinct, honey bee die off, sudden bird die off.

Heavy Metals

Contamination of mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, has caused problems at the cellular levels, the respiration of the cell membrane (nutrients in waste out) is interfered with by the heavy metals. Nutrient mineral receptors of the cell are being blocked by the heavy metals, preventing normal cell respiration. Add to this the glyphosate drama, glyphosates mimics glycine, glycine is needed for cellular repair (protein synthesis), now our body's are being repaired in a weakened condition. Glyphosates interferes with other amino acids making our brain functions weakened also.

GMO and Glyphosate

Farming practices today include genetic engineering and glyphosate (weed killer). Usage is so high today it is in all our air, food, and water. Experiments in the relationship between GMO and gut inflammation has been shown with tests on rodents. Rats on a diet of GMO had significant gut irritation and inflammation compared to the non-GMO group. In glyphosate urine tests, 9 out of 10 patients tested positive for glyphostates (including patients on all organic diets). By clearing the body of glyphosates, patients with; gut problems, Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, respond and feel better. Glyphosates have been found to eliminate the friendly bacteria in the gut, initiating digestive and autoimmune problems.


Fukushima radiation is centered off the coast of Japan. The meltdown of a nuclear reactor has radiated the ocean and atmosphere. The radiation is now on the West coast of the United States. Not only nuclear radiation but 10 other forms of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation are constantly bombarding our unprotected body. These are all harmful energies:

  1. Solar Flares
  2. Cell Phones
  3. Cell Towers
  4. Computers
  5. Microwave ovens
  6. Fluorescent Lights
  7. SMART Power Meters
  8. Power Lines
  9. Portable Phones
  10. Negative Energies
The symptoms of radiation poisoning are numerous from headaches to tumors. EMF pollution has been shown to have a cumulative negative effect upon us. We are literally cooking in a sea of radiation.